Could you be any less helpful or inane?

You can’t seriously suggest that Cloudflare discloses a customer’s settings to you, a completely stranger in this context.

The site owner is fully entitled to take the Ray ID that you are presented with on the 1020 page & ask Cloudflare Support as to why that occurred, or check the activity log themselves on

Ditto. Disclosing why you got a 1020 means disclosing a customer’s security settings, something you have absolutely 0 entitlement to.

Or you contact the site owner whose site you’re having issues with since they’re the ones who have a support entitlement as a Cloudflare customer.

Y’know, the same way that if you buy a Dell laptop from Amazon then you speak to Amazon to return a broken laptop instead of asking Dell directly for a refund.

There’s only one answer and if you don’t like that answer, asking again won’t change it. A 1020 is something that only the site owner can change. Cloudflare will not change, disclose or overrule a customer’s settings.

Unless I’m missing something, how is this relevant to Cloudflare or the 1020 you’re experiencing?

Add onto this everything that @cscharff has pointed out as well as what you’ve already been told in the original thread and this doesn’t seem to be a whole lot more than a rant to claim that Cloudflare has some master scheme to block you specifically from the internet.