Could you be any less helpful or inane?

This thread (and the linked original thread) is about 1020 which you can see here:

Of which, it doesn’t say what you’ve quoted.

Assuming you’ve used Cloudflare, you’d know firewall rules are something configured explicitly by the user. Rules added by Cloudflare are called Managed Rules.

If you wasn’t aware of this, then it doesn’t matter since you as an end user don’t have the ability to change those whereas the site owner would be explicit told which of their user-configured rules blocked you in the firewall event log.

This isn’t something that the average end user needs to know - all they know is they were blocked (as it says) by a policy the site owner setup (as it says) and they should get in touch with the site owner and provide a ray ID (as it says) which will tell the site owner which rule caused it (as it says).

There’s no need for any more information on there - Cloudflare themselves hasn’t blocked you, a customer has used Cloudflare’s tools to block you and Cloudflare really aren’t involved in the context of telling you what it was or how to get past it as they shouldn’t.

You may be well-intentioned but not everyone is and giving away too much information about a rule means giving more information to bad actors who can use that to find a way around & continue their attack.

The site owner, as the customer and operator, are the only ones with the information & they have a wealth of information available in the documentation, the error page and their entitlement to Cloudflare support to decide what to do with this information.