Could their be a Free tier for Workers KV?

I wanted to create my own personal serverless URL shortener, and it seems like an ideal use-case for Workers KV: low-latency, high-read, low-write, with a simple schema. However, I discovered it has a minimum billing allowance of $5 which is simply too much for a tiny personal project. It would be great if you could remove the minimum, or provide an “Always Free” tier like other cloud providers do, limited to a small amount to be suitable for hobby projects like mine.

With $5 you could use across all your domains, it is a lovely price point.
Without KV:
If the short urls are permanent you could import a json with webpack to you main script, or use an external source of truth that is cache by your worker. In some cases I use CouchDB instead of KV.


Free Firebase setups have also been used with Workers quite successfully. For example: