Could the DNS records have reset?

There has been a failure since 04:40. My website has stopped working.

I noticed that in the DNS>Record section - all records were deleted. An old record of an old IP address from several years ago has appeared!!

How is it possible? How can I recover backup records?

You will want to start with a review of the Audit Log.

If you use Ezoic, you might want to :search: the Community for posts on how it can affect Cloudflare and how you can use them together more effectively.

I checked. I have the same case: t/cname-record-disappears-randomly/401856

IP address
Interface: Production. gateway. api. cloudflare . com

He changed records.

Who would delete all the records? And changed it to the IP of the old server?

I’m sorry. I don’t know what you mean by that.

Who changed records?

What user is shown in your audit log on the deletion and creation events?

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