Could someone help to determine if I'm in violation of CF ToC regarding non-HTML content?

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My first post on the forum. Apologies if the category is wrong. Not a complaint, just trying to get some clarify.

We are using CF for a few apps. I’m not sure if we are in violation of any ToC, especially the term that says the content served must be mostly HTML.

When a project is in POC stage, we use the free plan. Once it goes to production, we switch to the Pro plan. Main motivation to use CF is to hide server IPs and use WAF. We don’t need any caching, but looks there is no way for us to avoid the content being sent via CF network if we want to hide origin IP. This is the first time we use CF and one of the project is now in production.

After reading online about some accounts getting suspended over violation of non-HTML content, I’m a bit worried. Asked CF via the support portal, but they replied saying the request was forwarded to Trust and Safety and they will follow up. But haven’t heard anything from the Trust and Safety team. There is no option to contact Trust and Safety when I try to create a new ticket. Last email from support was on 04 Jan 2023.

Here are the use cases:

  • CMS that manages content for digital signage. There are several HTML pages that act as a slide show. The slides contain images and videos. All of the signage devices will access this page when they start up. The image and video are cached locally on each device since they are on 4G and we need to conserve bandwidth. The device will download any content that is new or changed. To be clear, we are not streaming videos (streaming videos will blow up our 4G budget). The total number of devices could be a few hundred to a few thousand. So if there is a new video uploaded today, all devices will download this video once. After that they will load the HTML page with slideshow, but will use the video & image from its local cache. Is this considered a violation of ToC or abuse?

  • Software like MeshCentral, NodeRed etc. As far as I know, there is no HTML content being served when an edge device connects to the server. Is this against the terms?

  • Web applications for data analytics, alerts etc. These load a front end web app and then a lot of data as JSON in response to user queries.

  • APIs. These APIs only receive and respond in JSON. No HTML content is involved.

  • MDM software that manages Android devices in the field. As far as I know, there is no HTML data sent to the Android devices.

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