Could someone help me with verifying my FB ads DNS YXY

I have zero clue how to make this connection. FB ads gives me the instructions, however, I’m not sure how to set everything up. Thank you un advance

Without seeing the instructions, we won’t know either, but here’s a similar thread:

Thank you! This helped so much. The Facebook instructions says I should be able to verify after entering the information. I don’t see a verification button.

Here are in instructions and below is a screenshot of entreating the TXT [I believe I did it properly]:

It sure looks good to me: 300 IN TXT "facebook-domain-verification=nvdschx5uc29tc4w6h8tb6lktamlfy"

I’m afraid I can’t help with locating the Verify button in your Facebook account.

Thank you! I thought FB meant I would verify in cloudflare.

I REALLY appreciate your help :slight_smile:

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