Could putting a random DNS for Cloudflare be bad for SEO?

I’ve had a bad experience with Search Console in the past as well; a year and a half and the program didn’t notice the changes. Increase in article quality, better page performance, technical SEO.

I have another site and 95% different wordpress plugins. But I have the same problem. In the first month, I had 15,000 posts generated by a gaming plugin. The quality of the items was low. I changed hosting and from there the indexing stopped. The previous hosting didn’t allow to use Cloudflare.

After 4 months, I removed the plugin that created the game posts and started doing the job manually and with better quality and length of the posts. Nothing, Search Console still saw 15,000 posts.

I deleted the images I didn’t use anymore (+15’000) and removed the scheduled actions of Rank Math where the names of the games were present. Search Console sees -12,000 posts. A great result. Unfortunately after a lot of work and 2 months of waiting, I still have over +2000 posts. Going to google and writing, for 2 months the pages have been added extremely slowly. I only see a few pages with that operator.

I don’t expect the pages to drive traffic, but Search Console can’t do its job either despite having built 2 websites and over 2 years of work. Now I have only one site.

I’ve done the validation several times, but it fails. Few pages fail and +90% have been waiting for validation for over 4 months.

The website register remained the same after the migration. I changed hosting to no longer have to do with the previous register. Unfortunately I have a lot of problems because of them and now I don’t even have their support.

To use Cloudflare, I have to net the nameserver, but unfortunately also the DNS. So I used a tool that you in the community suggested and added the DNS with the keiser and mina nameservers. Nothing to do, after months I try with IP and Unfortunately Search Console continues to throw a tantrum.

In the meantime I’ve contacted the Search Console community, but I’m afraid I won’t fix it, as happened in the past. I can’t afford an SEO expert, I have to do this work myself.

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