Could not find ruleset?

Hello. I’ve been getting this error on one of my sites. Legit traffic is getting blocked including myself. I’m currently on a free plan. This is only happening on one site. Ruleset unavailable, rule name unaivalable also the error at the bottom page (Could not find ruleset) Is this a temporary error?

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Sounds a lot like this one:

So this is a Pro function that came back to haunt me? I have downgraded a few months ago, this error started today.

This appears to be Super Bot Fight Mode that is blocking certain requests. I’ve let the Bot Management team know about this post and your issue. Hopefully we can get this resolved for you soon.


I don’t think your issue is correctly resolved.

  1. I had and still have the exact same issue.
  2. At first I thought it was “bot fight mode”, because I can see this was triggered in firewall events.
  3. I disabled “bot fight mode”, but then I still have the event triggered under “Managed rules”.
  4. Cloudflare support told me this was “Managed challenge” by “New WAF”, and “In order to bypass New WAF, you need to create the exception rule” …
  5. Create WAF-exceptions is Cloudflare-PRO only …

I have confronted Cloudflare about this, and they still haven’t replied to my “open” support request for a week. Basically, it’s a new challenge that can’t be bypassed without CF PRO. I also downgraded from PRO recently, and I’m not sure it’s related. In any case, very disappointed in Cloudflare for the lack of response to this.

I have not opened a ticket yet. Was hoping for a solution here. It’s definitely the super bot fight mode, a PRO feature that I no longer have access to. Even the service “Managed rules (new)” is probably a PRO feature that shouldn’t show on a free plan. Went as far as deleting the domain and adding it again. Still there.

How do you know it’s “super bot fight mode”? 1. That option is only available on PRO, 2. Even if it was, the event would then display as “bot fight mode”, not “managed rules” as in your screenshot, 3. Even if it was a leftover rule from PRO, did you even have “super bot fight mode” enabled before (it’s not by default)? 4. You can of course entirely disable Bot Fight Mode from settings, something I have already done while diagnosing.

The reason I am replying, is because this is same issue as mine. I have diagnosed it with events, and although it could be triggered by bot fight mode, it’s triggered separately from new “managed rules” which can’t be disabled. It’s a Cloudflare flaw, but obviously hard to get through to them …

But managed rules is “free” and in fact, it’s compulsory now without options to disable or bypass. That is the problem. It can’t be bypassed unless you have PRO to add exception rules.

Btw I have been using Cloudflare for 15 years.

The service ‘Managed rules (new)’ doesn’t show on any on my other domains. So unless they doing some controlled release of this feature then it makes no sense. I have disable bot fight mode and it looks less aggressive now. When on PRO I did some changes to super bot fight mode . Set to BLOCK automated bots. Now I’m stuck with this :slight_smile:

Well, I hope you are right. Just sharing my findings, which are similar if not identical.

Well, the reason it says “new” is because it’s new. It’s basically the Cloudflare firewall, which used to be pro-only, which they now have migrated to free, except you have no control. Also, it clearly says in your screenshot the event is Managed rules (new) and not Bot fight mode.

If this is the actual case, then it needs to be resolved by Cloudflare because it’s clearly a bug. They can’t keep PRO-only rules active if the service is migrated to FREE without options to disable.

I wish you luck!

It’s clearly a bug. See the red error on the bottom screenshot. Could not find ruleset. Apparently I can’t even submit a ticket on a free plan. Hope that someone will fix this soon.

FYI, I have temporarily resolved this issue by upgrading to Cloudflare PRO. From “Super Bot Fight Mode” option I had to assign “Definitely automated: Allow”. I had to do this because the bug was causing much problems for our users.

This is clearly a Cloudflare bug, because “Bot Fight Mode” was already DISABLED in free mode. Why would I have to assign an exception if it’s already disabled? Besides, the rule ID 874a3e315c344b1281ad4f00046aab6f was only triggering for this specific domain which was downgraded from PRO to FREE … It did not trigger on domains that were always FREE.

Really disappointed in Cloudflare.

In your case was blocking a site function. Much worse. I feel bad for you. In my case, I’ll just mind my business and enjoy Pro features on a free account. Not much I can do. I’ll post another screenshot with the non existent ruleset taking charge. Maybe maybe.

Not really. My FREE account was using “bot fight mode” even when disabled, and I could only disable it from pro. I don’t see how your issue is different, or what “pro” features you are currently enjoying.

Surely you want this firewall event REMOVED?

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