Could not create transfer. Code 1226

Your payment has been declined. Please check with your payment provider or try again with a different payment method. Code 1226

I tried MasterCard and PayPal but got this error and I don’t know what to do, can I make sure my balance is sufficient and the status of the card is OK.

I don’t understand why there is no more detailed error message? There are only hints of rejection, by whom?

They didn’t tell me what the reason was, such as wrong password, insufficient balance, or something else. This experience is terrible

My ticket is 3214456

Good day,

Thank you for providing us the ticket number. Our billing team has responded to you through ticket number : 3214875

Kindly provide us an update as soon as possible,

Has your issue been resolved? I have the same problem; my card was declined, but my bank says there’s no issue. The customer service from Cloudflare also took at least 10 days to reply, and even then, they didn’t solve the problem… they just told me to use a different card, even though I’ve already tried that.

Now I have to wait again for a response from Cloudflare, which might take another 10 days :frowning: