Could not create directory on update

l had an available update for the Cloudflare app in a WordPress installation but when I attempt to update it gives me this:

Update Plugin
Downloading update from …

Unpacking the update…

Could not create directory.

Any idea on how to get the Cloudflare plugin updated?

That sounds like a file system permission issue on your web host. Do you know who your hosting provider is?


I checked everything for the ‘wp-content/plugins/Cloudflare’ folder as well as all embedded subfolders. All folders have permission 755 which is standard for all plugins. I checked and all files are 644 which is standard. It’s not permissions.


Also, the Cloudflare plugin updated fine on other websites on the same server.

You can always rename the existing wp-content/plugins/Cloudflare folder and attempt to reinstall the plugin fresh. If it installs successfully, you can delete the old folder that you renamed.

OK, I found the issue. The website was max on it’s disk quota. I increased it’s disk quota and the update completed.

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