Could not connect to FTP

I am unable to connect to ftp of my site. Earlier I was able to do so, the problem started just 3 days back. My site is using both cloudflare and ezoic.

I know if you are using cloudflare then you have to put site IP address as the host. But this thing is not working anymore.

My site is using Godaddy for hosting and godaddy has provided me sftp (i.e. port 22 one).

What can be the problem in my case??


If going direct to the IP address isn’t working, only GoDaddy can help with this, as that’s their server.

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I contacted Godaddy support some 3 times, they are simply rejecting my problem saying - you have hosted your site to some other hosting company and so we will not take up your cause.

I told them that Cloudflare is just a security feature. But their support people are foolish and not understanding at all.

What should I do?

They clearly aren’t supporting you a customer. Find a new host. Cloudflare likes BlueHost.

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