Could not check email in C-panel after I moved to CDN


Yesterday, I moved my website to cloudflare, today when I tried to check my email in my cpanel. It didn’t load email.

It says that ’s server IP address could not be found.

Note: I tried using different internet connections and computers. My DNS records are also correct.

The only way that error can appear is if it was not in the DNS dashboard. Are you sure the record is there?

Can you share the domain name? Can you share a screenshot of the DNS records (block out the IPs and/or the domain name, if you prefer)?

Thanks for reply sir. My domain name is:

Here is attached the Screenshot of Relevent DNS (I can provide screenshot of whole screen, if required).![dns|690x69]

Were you trying to access

If so it doesn’t seem possible that it would work, it doesn’t exist.

Using works, but the server is not configured correctly (or it’s not the correct server IP) and continues to show the main domain. There is nothing that can be done on Cloudflare’s end.

Thanks for reply
My c panel opens when I try to check emal- Where I can configure server properly as you said (it is not properly configured)

I have no idea, this is not the place for those questions as they are not Cloudflare related.

I would make sure that the server returns the website that it’s being asked and not the default one for all requests.

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