Could not buy Dedicated SSL

Hi, we have moved yesterday to cloudflare and we need SSL asap.
Sadly we cannot buy Dedicated SSL and Universal SSL is in “Certificate Pending Validation” state for more than 28 hours.

Error keeps saying that “Unable to validate your domain with the Certificate Authority. Please try again or contact support.”

Here is our configuration:

We have moved from “”, polish hosting service.
What can we do now?

Best regards!

Hi @basiakartur15,

Can you please post a screenshot of the SSL/TLS app in your Cloudflare dashboard?

Where is comes to Universal SSL i have changed settings a lot in last 30 minutes, thats why it keeps saying that I have last edited it 14 minutes ago.

Here it is:

If you haven’t tried it already, and you have been waiting more that 24hrs for Universal SSL, you can disable it at the bottom of that page, wait a couple of minutes and re-enable it which should restart the process…

I did it just now just as you recommended, I’m wondering - maybe DNS configuration is wrong?

I have updated DNS configuration (also added manually some CAA records).
Still, cannot buy Dedicated SSL :confused:

@basiakartur15, sorry for the frustration you encountered. The name servers were confirmed on 9/8 but you’ve moved the nameservers away from cloudflare. I see hundreds of record actions in DNS and that should not at all be necessary. I also noticed DNSSEC is active and that may have been introducing issues.

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