Could I transfer domain using VND (not USD)

I have a lot of domains and want to move all to Cloudflare but there is a problem:

  • Domain .com at Godaddy I pay 8.47 USD = 189,000 VND for renewing (Godaddy allow me to pay using VND and I am in discout domain club).
  • Domain .com at Cloudflare I pay 8.03 USD for renewing but I have to paid 193,315 VND. I think because my bank get fee when I using USD.

It’s not too much for 1 domain. But I want to transfer more than 4000 domains from Godaddy and 12000 domains from Namecheap to Cloudflare and it becomes too much.

Thank you!

AFAIK Cloudflare does not offer the option to pay in any other currency than USD.