Could I secure my server with cloudflare?

I have a Cpanel VPS hosted on Godaddy and I have CSF firewall installed but I wanted to point the name servers of my VPS to cloudflare so that I can use the cloudflare firewall instead of CSF to block people from accessing the server directly. Is this possible?

Well, I am not exactly sure, but depending on the Plan you choose, I believe yes.

Either, if you use some services, you can protect them with Cloudflare Firewall or Cloudflare Spectrum, for example like connection over some UDP/TCP ports and a lot of more stuff.

Regarding cPanel installed on your VPS, I see no issue with, just maybe the SSL renewing process or at least, when you use your VPS as a mail server, you could expose your IP address regarding the e-mail server in that case.
Regarding Cloudflare Firewall, it is possible to block comming requests to your domain even the whole ISP or other company having its AS number as well.
There is also Argo Smart Routing too.

But again, there is also a way to protect it with Cloudflare - I believe it is available on some higher Paid plan.

Could be I am wrong here because I did not yet tried all of the Cloudflare awesome stuff they offer.
Kindly, wait for another reply from someone more experienced.

Cloudflare non-Enterprise plans only protect websites. If your server has any other services on it, you’ll need to look at server-specific tutorials on how to secure that server. CSF is a great start.

If you’re only hosting a proxied website on the server, you should be able to use CSF to limit web traffic to what comes through Cloudflare’s IP addresses: IP Ranges

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