Could I retrieve/recover the dropped emails?

I found some emails are dropped from Email Routing Dashboard, can these emails be recovered?
Or where can I see the content of the emails?

Are you running classic email routing (e.g. forwarding from [email protected] to some, or are you handling emails through a worker?

Messages handled by workers is currently showing “Dropped”, even if they are handled properly by the worker you’re using.

If we’re not talking about an email handled by a worker (that actually works, but simply display dropped), but the classic email routing/forwarding, the only way to retrieve them would be for the sender to re-try the delivery, once you have fixed what made the delivery fail in the first place.

More information about the actual set up (e.g. worker or not), as well as a screenshot of the actual error from the Dashboard could help a lot do a lot (certain personal parts, such as e.g. the john.doe part of e.g. [email protected] may be censored).

Thank you for replying.

I’m running a classic email routing.
So the only way to retrieve the email is to ask the sender, do I understand correctly?

Yes, Cloudflare does not store the body of the email.