Could i deploy dynamic site on cloudflare workers?

Front-end (Nextjs)
Back-end N server on (Wordpress)
Now i getting back-end data from wordpress then is it possible on workers? what is the solution?

From other posts I’ve seen it doesn’t sound like you can run NextJS in Workers. @WalshyMVP would probably know off the top of his head.


Heyo, sorry been in meetings. You can run static NextJS and even SSR NextJS on Workers (There’s work being done by the Next tea to enable this - not sure what its current state is at). I’m not that experienced with Wordpress but yeah, seems possible.

Do fetch to ping some API/endpoints and get the data you need. Then you can maybe do SSR NextJS (again, not sure if it’s possible right now, you’d need to poke around) otherwise HTMLRewriter or manipulating the response is a good way to make dynamic data.