Could I create a child nameserver in my registrar for multiple domains?

I manage around 20 client domains - at the moment I use a server host that has anycastdns - it’s good but has suffered issues in the last month, so I’m looking at options for changing.

With Cloudflare - obviously I would need to change my main server domain nameservers to CF nameservers.

Could I also create a child nameserver in my registrar - that I could then simply point all client domains to ?

I’m thinking that would mean I wouldn’t have to spend hours adding in each client domain to CF.


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That should help a bit


Thanks. But as I understand it, the Cloudflare plugin for cpanel means I / the client manages the domain dns from the server (at least initially) in order to activate and point to CF?

So in other words, > server IP nameservers > in cpanel point to Cloudflare ? Correct?

I am really looking for a more centralised way to manage a bunch of domains e.g. a template that points to Server1 and if required, I can change the template for server 1 and then all domains using that template would change ?


I’m afraid I don’t know how cPanel plugin exactly works.

The question has nothing to do with cpanel plugin.

It’s a question around adding child nameservers at the registrar.

I found out that adding in an additional record for the Server Primary domain registered at Cloudflare like thus:

NS managed by

Results in me being able to point a customer’s domain to

I’m not sure what this technique is called…

Obviously the customer domain NS is being managed at registrar, but at least this helps when you manage 000’s of domains that you don’t want / can’t import into Clouflare.

I’m pretty sure the answer is “no.”

  1. Cloudflare wants complete control of your DNS to avoid any issues.
  2. I’m also pretty sure that to use a child name server requires the parent name server (Cloudflare) to configure this. Again, this does not exist on any Cloudflare plan I’ve seen.

I suggest you take a look at the Cloudflare API to manipulate DNS records.

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As a hosting partner you have two ways to integrate a domain onto Cloudflare - “Full” or “Partial” there’s an explanation of the differences here:

The cPanel plugin supports both options - there is no support for “child” name servers currently.

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Is there still no option to add child nameservers? I have multiple domains using my child ns so want to hold back before I change my nm to Cloudflare.

So I assume you want to move the client domains to Cloudflare? It sounds like you might be looking for what Cloudflare calls vanity nameservers. Cloudflare would still need the DNS records for those domains right? So some level of effort would be required to get there… Or am I misunderstanding? If you just want to continue to point your existing clients to the nameservers they’re using now would any change be required at all?

No change needed, they are glue records. I will be using the CF API so they can signup themselves if they wish.


Is there any update on this ? “child name server” still does not seem to be an option which is a pity for such great service.

No news on this. It might be a good idea to start a new thread in the Product Requests category with explicit details about your needs and use case. It will help our team better understand the needs and possible solutions.

Hello folks, I managed to get the set up working and it’s going OK - but Cloudflare don’t send out Glue records… so it would be nice if that feature could be added.

As it stands I have it working as follows (sharing in case others find this useful);

  1. Set up master domain record as follows; is registered at another registrar and then pointed to Cloudflare nameservers e.g.
this.ns.cloudflare and

  1. Inside cloudflare, configure the records as follows (55.66.789.12 is my fictitious server IP) - all records should be set to grey cloud DNS only to allow pass through.

A ns1 55.66.789.12
A ns2 55.66.789.13
A 55.66.789.12
A www 55.66.789.12
MX 55.66.789.12

  1. On my server I have configured > 55.66.789.12 and > 55.66.789.13

  2. Then for a > and

This all works fine, except for the fact that intodns etc will report that there is (NO GLUE)

So - Cloudflare, give us the chance to set our own glue records :slight_smile:

Hi Curious92761,

I was using this same guide when myI domain was registered with other registrar but pointed with CF because that registrar allowed me to create child nameservers/Glue Records. But when I transferred my domain to Cloudflare my all domains which were using custom nameserver of transferred domain stopped working. So means it is imported to create Glue records. However CF has an option to create glue records but available only in Business plan which is for sure extremely expensive.