Could CNAME I added two days ago be causing errors?

I should’ve asked for help, but I didn’t want to bother anyone. I tried to create a subdomain ( I could use for my Teachable account. Part of the instructions stated to make a new CNAME with Cloudflare. I have a Cloudflare Pro account and so I figured, great, I could do this myself.

I followed the instructions (I think), but now I’m seeing Google Search Console errors related to /wp-content/uploads/ directories all of a sudden being indexed in google. This was not the case before I made this change, and is not the case with any of my other sites.

I’m thinking I set up the CNAME incorrectly, but wouldn’t know how to check. Any suggestions?

Thanks. Technical errors are outside my wheelhouse, but I know how important they are.


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Can you share the domain name here? Subdomain is courses.gamedesigning.oorg

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