Could Cloudflare affect SMTP authentication?

I’ve been having a lot of mail delivery errors on my cpanel email. I contacted my hosts (siteground) and they suggested I install the WP Mail SMTP plugin. I have done this and followed the instructions given by Zoho who is my mail provider.

I get an error message whenever I try to send a test email saying that they could connect to the host but not authenticate even though I have triple checked all details are correct.

Does anyone know if I should be using different details if I have cloudflare? Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes and no. Cloudflare does not handle mail at all, so if a record is proxied, email won’t work at all. If it is not, Cloudflare is not involved and hence everything should work, assuming the mail server works of course.

If you can connect but cannot authenticate, the record won’t be proxied and it will be a server issue.

Thanks for the info, I’ll get in touch with zoho to see if they can fix it :slight_smile:

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