Cost of transferring domain?

I have a domain that expires June 14. Somewhere I saw that I could register it with Cloudflare for $9.58 for the next year.

Midway through the transfer process, I got a message that said “Total transfer cost: $9.15.”

Does that mean I’ll be charged $9.15 just to transfer the domain, plus $9.58 or something else to have the domain registered for a year?

Also, does the year start June 14 or the day the transfer takes place?

No, Cloudflare Registrar is a no markup service there is no additional fee to transfer. I am not sure why we quote two different prices, I see the $9.15 cost in your dashboard and that is all that we would charge you. Let us know if you are able to locate details about the $9.58 amount and I can chase down why that is being displayed.

The year is added to the existing expiration date.

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Great. Thank you.

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