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I am new user, have just registered Free Account. I would like to transfer domain from Squarespace, which had been automatically moved from Google Domains. My domain is non-commercial web-site, mostly for family photos. I am expecting to have free plan, but it is asking me to add payment method and to pay $10, see screenshot. I would like to make sure I have done everything correctly.

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Domain transfer to Cloudflare

Screenshot of the error

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You don’t have to transfer your domain registration to Cloudflare in order to use it with a free plan. If you choose to transfer your domain registration to Cloudflare, you still have to pay your registration fee, just like you would at any other registrar, the difference being that Cloudflare doesn’t add any markup.


Thank you for your quick answer.
So, I would like to make sure I understood correctly - is this one time payment for transfer only?
And I can cancel transfer and register new domain (even with the same name) with you for free, correct?

For the transfer yes, for subsequent renewals no, of course.

Not quite clear what you mean by that. Why would you cancel a domain transfer?

No, you can certainly register additional domains but this will always come at the registration fee.


I am confused, sorry… I am looking for DDNS (Dynamic DNS) service, to replace that one I had with Google Domains. Later, when the whole Google Domains went to Squarespace, I have found out that Squarespace is not good for me because of they do not offer Dynamic DNS, so I start to be looking for alternative. Some suggestion was to proceed with Cloudflare. As far as I have understood, in order to proceed with Cloudflare, I have to stop using domain registration with Squarespace and start using it with Cloudflare, is this correct? What do you actually mean by “You don’t have to transfer your domain registration to Cloudflare in order to use it with a free plan”? Can I set it up to have my domain be registered with Squarespace, but provide Dynamic DNS service with Cloudflare? If yes, could you explain more, I have never had such expirience…

As long as you can change your nameservers at your domain registrar, you can use Cloudflare’s Free plan. There is a link in the following article to the directions for doing so at your domain registrar.

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Here is another resource, since you mentioned DDNS.

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