Cost Enterprise v Business Features

We are currently using the Business version of Cloudflare and are satisfied except for in cases we need detailed information such as logs and the setting to maintain the source IP. I realize both are available for Enterprise versions, but the costs are significantly higher to purchase the Enterprise version. The price we were quoted was $200 for Business vs $5000 for Enterprise. I could not justify this to my manager.

My questions:

Are there any other in-between plans to that will allow us some logging and ability to maintain the source IP in the packet header?

If not, are there ways on the business license to achieve either?

Thank you.

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This is not something you exclusively need the Enterprise plan for - you can restore visitor IP from the HTTP request header “Cf-Connecting-IP” Cloudflare sends.

The only situation is when your technology doesn’t support getting the IP from the request header - in which you would still need PROXY protocol support if you’re suggesting using Spectrum (which is an enterprise only feature, but you lose every Cloudflare feature other than level 3/4 DDOS protection).


I don’t think you’ll ever get the origin’s Source IP address in the packet header, since that packet is coming from Cloudflare. The response headers @Judge mentioned are your best bet.

If you want logging on a budget, give a look.


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