CORS WooComerce Cloudflare issue. Emails not displaying images on gmail


I am trying to send emails from my WordPress WooComerce site that have pictures in them, but the pictures are not showing on Gmail.

I’ve contacted the plugin author of the script that is sending those emails, and this is what he replied with:

It appears to be related to Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) and the interactions between WooCommerce, Cloudflare, and Google’s services.

In this case, we recommend contacting your Cloudflare service provider for assistance and clarification regarding CORS settings. They should be able to provide guidance on configuring Cloudflare to allow Google’s requests and resolve the issue.

Also, I’ve contacted my mail server provider, which is Protonmail and this is what they said:

Since WooCommerce’s (Cloudflare) services blocked Google’s requests, Google (Gmail) couldn’t display those images/icons.

I was wondering if someone has encountered this issue or has any idea how this can be fixed.

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