CORS? “SameSite” policy? Registration Form submit fails

I have a Wordpress/Buddypress site that fails registration submission, another BP user has suggested"

cors error reported in your site on registration. Your cloudflare configuration is not correct. The “SameSite” policy is not validated hence rejected.

I’ve read several things at cloudlfare


community.cloudflare DOtCOM /t/google-chrome-warning-about-cloudflare-cookie/123192/114

and don’t really understand what is going on,
and I don’t see how / where I could adjust anything related to this in the dashboard/logged-in-panel.

The page that keeps failing to submit / register is: (slightly NSFW)

Anyone know what’s really happening here? Any way I can see any errors via like console log w firefox? I tried adding error monitor plugins to wordpress and not getting any details there.

Help would be greatly appreciated

Is the form submitting to the same site? Cors is usually irrelevant on same site

You’re probably submitting without SSL

Yes for submits same site - maybe it’s a cookie thing?

I don’t understand the problem at all. Is there a way for be to see via console log or something?

It’s very simple form now - (this page has no pictures, but parts of the site are nsfw )

When I click submit the screen kind of flashes and shows same fields still filled in - like nothing happened - it’s weird.

I see this in the html:

This is on an https page - so I assume it goes https?

only thing may be weird - I added that thing to the server via command line that tells the server to pull the real ip addy from visitors (so our logs don’t show the cloudflare ips for failed login attempts, instead show the real ips of the hackers/spammers)

Don’t know where to look to try to sort this.

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