CORS problem for stellar.toml

Hello there!

I really like Cloudflare and I’m using it for my other company since launch. However, now I’m funding a fintech here in Brazil and I really think Cloudflare would be essential to provide stability for the site. One of my goals is to be a Stellar Anchor in the BRL currency (Real). However, I had a problem with the setup when using Cloudflare CDN, so I’m using just the DNS feature right now.

I don’t know if you can help me with that, but if you can, my problem with Cloudflare is: I have to enable CORS for the URL (, and I did it on Apache2 config file, but as long as I activate Cloudflare’s CDN, CORS stop working. I tried “curl --head” to verify, and theoretically CORS is enable through Cloudflare, but it doesn’t work for Stellar’s wallets and exchanges.

Is there something to setup on Cloudflare dashboard?

P.S. Sorry if I posted on the wrong category.

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