CORS issue

Hi there. Im absolutely new to Cloudflare. I have 2 workers. 1 is angular front-end, and another is a back-end. My problem is, I cannot make any http request from angular app to a back-end app, because of CORS. My lates code for back-end worker is below:

import { Router } from '@tsndr/cloudflare-worker-router'

export interface Env {
	DB: D1Database;

// Initialize router
const router = new Router<Env>()

// Enabling build in CORS support

// Simple get
router.get('/user', () => {
	return Response.json({
		id: 1,
		name: 'John Doe'

// Listen Cloudflare Workers Fetch Event
export default {
	async fetch(request: Request, env: Env, ctx: ExecutionContext) {
		return router.handle(request, env, ctx)

For the back-end, I have tried everything I could find online, like setting CORS headers manually:

		return new Response(null, {
			headers: {
				'Access-Control-Allow-Methods': config.methods.join(', '),
				'Access-Control-Allow-Headers': 'Content-Type',


 		switch (request.method) {
 			case 'OPTIONS':
 				return handleOptions(request)

 				return handleRequest(request)

Nothing helps. Nor I can reach the back-end when its running locally, nor when I publish worker to cloudflare. My code on a client is simple:

  private readonly TEST_URL = ""; // or remote when published worker
        await, {}).toPromise();

Any advise?

Can you share the CORS error that you are getting?

Thanks for a reply. I solved the cors, but not going to use Cloudflare anyways, so yeah.

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