Cors error when trying to upload a video

Hi, we are trying to upload using tus and are receiving a cors error.
"This looks like a network error, the endpoint might be blocked by an internet provider or a firewall.

Source error: [Error: tus: failed to resume upload, caused by [object ProgressEvent], originated from request (method: HEAD, url:, response code: n/a, response text: n/a, request id: n/a)]"

Is this a setting on cloudflare’s settings or a coding issue? thank you for any help.

May I ask how much of data does the video has? Is it larger than 100MB for upload?

Which Cloudflare plan do you use for your domain?

Are you using Cloudflare Stream or?

Can you try it via (S)FTP?

Or, temporarly you can to make the DNS record :grey: cloud, then upload it, and set it back to :orange: cloud when you are done.

But I am not sure if that would work when using API? It could be possible via direct URL link access, but I am not 100% if it would pass using API.

I work on the Stream Team. Can you share details about your setup? For example, is your client-side HTML page doing the upload running from localhost/local computer or on a proper domain?

If this is publicly accessible, it would help if you can share the link privately. You can email me at my firstname at

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Hi Zaid. I sent you the info by email. let me know if you received it. Thank you

Can you try again? Doesn’t seem like the email made it. My email is [email protected]


Received. I will respond later today

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Hey! Just wanted to post an update here for those who might be seeing this in the future:

If you’re using you’re uploading via TUS using secret authentication tokens in the browser, we won’t let you use your Cloudflare API keys (e.g. Authentication or X-Auth-Key headers) by not including those headers in CORS configuration. This is so that you don’t accidentally leak your Cloudflare API keys in your website.

The correct way to use TUS in the browser is to use Direct creator uploads where you do not use any API keys in the requests.


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