Correct way to change to another hosting

There is some question for change hosting A (domain to hosting B
what I had done before and after
1/ NS in hosting A set to Cloudflare, and run smoothly
2/ create folder in hosting B
3/ add hosting B’s NS in hosting A (both cloudfare and hosting B’s NS exist)
4/ delete hosting B’s NS in hosting A only remaining Cloudflare after were pointed to hosting B

1/ do I need to update the Zone A record in hosting A to hosting B’s ip address?
2/ I updated the TXT record in hosting A point to hosting B, but the email still sending to hosting A, what should I do?
3/ I tried to change NS in hosting A pause Cloudflare, but the wordpress content roll back to months ago(I can upgrade the wordpress from 5.7 to 5.9)… And now I change NS to Cloudflare and activate again, but I can’t upgrade the wordpress from 5.7 to 5.9, why?


also, I found that the DNS still Proxied in hosting A’s ip address, but the ping is pointing to hosting B, what should I do?!

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