Correct WAF rule for blocking all wp-login and allowing my ip only

I was hoping someone could show me how to block all and allow my IP only in WAF for wp-login

I did search for the answer. Was unabe to locate it.


Matthew, no offence please, but you have been flooding the forum in the past few days with an avalanche of threads (partially duplicate threads) about topics which have been discussed many times before and which can be easily found via the search or which are documented in Cloudflare’s documentation anyhow.

You also consistently refuse the compile the thread form

Which would specifically ask you what you searched for and what you got.

As I said, no offence intended, but I do not consider your use of the forum as very respectful towards the members of this forum and their time.

The idea of the forum certainly is to assist the community, but it’s not supposed to serve exclusively to regurgitate topics for the Nth time, just because someone does not feel like using the search. We have plenty of such topics and if it had been a single topic, that would been still acceptable, even if the :roll_eyes: moment, but in your case it’s mentioned avalanche of threads about such topics.

This thread is temporarily closed for 12 hours and I encourage you to really use the search and the documentation at, as well as #tutorial, to educate yourself about Cloudflare.

Should you really (really!) not have a found a solution in 12 hours, then please feel free to post in this thread once it reopens, but you better really have a good explanation why you couldn’t find anything :wink:

Again, no hard feelings, but the forum should not be abused either, and I am terribly sorry, the way you use it, is pretty close.

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