Correct Syntax For Login No Cache Page Rule

I need the correct syntax wildcard to cover,, and

They have nothing unique in common, so you can’t wildcard all three.

So i have to set page rules for each? I ask because anytime i turn on cache and logged in, the admin bar will not show on the frontend like it normally does. Even when you refresh the page it wont. But once I turn off the cache it starts working again. Any help resolving that too?

It’s quite likely you’re not seeing the admin bar because a non-logged in user visited that page and that’s the cached version you’re looking at. That’s better than the other way around: you caching that page as an admin, then subsequent visitors seeing the admin bar. This will happen to every page you visit while you’re logged in, and it’s likely visitors will even see the Edit link, which isn’t good. They won’t be able to Edit because they lack the credentials, but it doesn’t look good.

The “Cache Everything” rule is always a gamble, so it’s best to avoid that until you’ve planned out exactly how you’re going to get it to work for your situation.

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Everything you mention doesnt happen. Only yhe issue when logged in. And I also have page rule for no cache wpadmin at the top. Maybe the problem is that i only put cache bypass on the page rule without browser cache = respect header rules( i do have this on the panel browser cache but not on the page rule page)

I will like the best setting to best rule setting to cach everything but also respecting my origin server browser cache expires and other setting.

In the Cache page, you can already set Respect Origin Headers. And you can create a Page Rule that just says “Cache Everything.” That should be a good start.

Like in our other disvussions this seems to be causing issues. It does a great job for ttfb but i see causing all kinds or ranking and browser issues with the admin. I have tested this extensively where i will turn it on and within a day position ranking will drop and i switch it off and the keyword will climb. I tested it several time with multiple site and the same issue. The same issue with admin bar not showing when on the front end when i am loggein. I opened tickets with my hosts wpengine and siteground and no other issues except turning that off.

I really like that cache everything because eachtime i do that i see my sites ttfb drop from 250 ms to 10 to 30 ms. I know it is insane.

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