Correct info for a DKIM Record

So now I’m looking to add a DKIM Record.
I created content from an online site recommened by the Hosting Company.
There is a bind 9 , Tiny DNS and Raw format and I’m unsure of which is correct.

Also, what is this to enter correctly? Is it a TXT File or an A Record.
What is the exact Value that I should enter and do I then just copy the content from one of the 3 formats above and enter it?

One of mine looks like the following. I got the code from the mail host. After the “p=”, it’s maybe 250 characters of random text ending with a semicolon.

Thanks. At the beginning of mine, according to the tool that helps you create it, I have:
So it looks like it’s a TXT Record.
Then Name should be
Then Value is v=DKIM1

Still not sure yet though?

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