Correct DNS not showing in the DNS checker

I have A records updated in the DNS management but in DNS checker it shows different IPs, not my domains ip.

but the issue is in DNS checker I can’t see sites ip. email is not working properly. Time and again there is SSL error on outlook, live mail. not receiving mail from a few specific domains. Time and again send receive issues are occurring. The mail system is a mess after I started with Cloudflare. Godaddy will not give me support until it shows correct DNS records in the DNS checker. what should I do?

Your MX records points to the ‘mail’ host, and that ‘mail’ host is a valid mail server.

GoDaddy does not sound willing to help, as is often the case. There’s nothing we can do from here, as it’s a functioning mail server.

Does mail work if you use

It does. However issue is I’m not receiving any mails from domain. If I configure a gmail account on their aite I get all the mails. Or else I don’t even get any OTP, links or customer mails form them on any of my domain emails.

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