Correct DNS for cloudflare page?

Hey guys,
first post, so I hope I do this right.

I just got started with cloudflare pages. So far I love the ease of use but I’m having trouble with the correct dns settings.

What I have done:

  • Set up the website with cloudflare pages <–> github
  • Changed the nameserver at godaddy to point to cloudflare

Now, the normal url without WWW works. But when using WWW it throws an error.
Iam not at all familiar with dns. You can see the setup on the image below.

What iam wondering is this:

  • How do I get the domain “” to also show the content as “” does?
  • Is there a (seo) duplicate content problem as the same content of the page appears at the domain “” and “” ?

Thanks for any help =)

You’ll have to add as a second custom domain in the Pages project settings.

You should really choose either or and then redirect the other with a 301 status code. You can do this with a Page Rule looking like this:

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Thanks a lot!
I’ll do that.
Do you have any idea on the “” concern?

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