Correct direction of nsmservers

Not used to doing this and didn’t want to do something wrong. I have a “” domain hosted at Ionos 1&1, I also have a website and “.uk” domain hosted at “Tsohost” and I have the “” pointing to Tsohost. On my simple web pages I have added shopping cart links to “Mals Shopping Cart” This has been working fine till recently, but now some browsers are insisting on “https”, whilst Mals uses https for all the secure part, my site does not, and sometimes the Cart is deleted, so I need to update this, and I understand I can use Cloudflare to add https to my pages. My question is - if I point my “” to Cloudflare will the site still work or do I need to change anything else? Tsohost say they can change my http to https automatically but this is £50 a year, which seems a lot. Any advise would be appreciated. Thank you, Cliff

No need of wasting 50 $ , You can add the domain to Cloudflare and Add a A Record of your web host Ip Adress and on HTTP to HTTPS

The OP still needs HTTPS on his server. If the host charges for that, he’ll have to pay that or change host.

Of course, there are plenty of free certificates out there.

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Changing the host is Better Probably

I can’t comment on the OP’s agreement with his host, but 50 pounds for a certificate certainly is steep. Certificates do not have to be free by any means, but 50 is pricey. So he either pays the host or gets one of the cheaper certificates and installs that on his server.

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The OP could use a Cloudflare Origin Certificate. Provided the provider is not charging 50 for allowing HTTPS traffic.

Sure, hence the free certificates. It’s just not clear for what they charge the 50 pounds. If that’s for setting up the certificate, even a free certificate won’t save much.

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