Corporative Public IP address blacklisted

In our corporate network two mobile Apps that secured by Cloudflare is not working (When I trace the connection IP addresses of both apps directs to the Cloudflare). Once I changed public IP address it worked but after a month it stopped working again. I suspect our public IP address is blacklisted in Cloudflare security systems. I have no idea how can I delist or identify what is the problem. Any help is appreciated.

You’d want to speak with the application owners. The decision to block a given IP address is done by Cloudflare customers. Cloudflare doesn’t manage customer settings.


thank you for your time, but both Apps stop working simultaneously. I don’t think they decide to block our IP address together )) I guess it is automated security sistem somewhere in Cloudflare

It might be encountering this:

What’s the URL and/or domain?

They are mobile Apps and there is no any captcha when you use Mobile Network or Wifi anywhere else.

They are Mobile Apps. “Trenyol” and "Birbank"

Without seeing the response, it’s very difficult to troubleshoot this. The only hope you have is with the app owners to see if they can see the requests in the firewall events activity log.

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Would it be helpful if I capture packet in Cisco ASA (our firewall) regarding those Apps and add screenshot here?
Thanks again for your time and efforts

If you can get the full HTTP response (headers and body), that would certainly help.

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There is update on the problem. The applications work on IOS not on Android devices. If I change the Public IP address them work on both platforms.

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