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Hi, this may be a silly question but i just wanted to be sure because we came across this issue a while ago so i wanted to be sure, what’s the url limit for the copyright claims, because the page says it’s 250 but the last time I had this problem the limit was 30, can anyone confirm this?, thank you


I’ve not seen that listed. Which page is showing 250?


it is in the cloudflare abuse form, once you select copyright infringement a message will be displayed on the right side of the form


Well, it’s official:

You may not submit more than 250 infringing URLs at a time, and only domains that resolve to Cloudflare IPs will be responded to.

Why is that important?


Well I just wanted to be sure because a couple of years ago I had an issue and I had to split the claim into a couple of forms so if I come across this problem again I may not have to, I just don’t remember if that time the message was right there in the form it is just something I noticed today. Thank you

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