Copying DNS From Free CF With No Access to New CF Account

I have a client that is migrating a new website to a new server. Their DNS is being managed via a Free CF account that an agency is controlling. The agency is not cooperative.

My client wants to set up a new CF account of their own that they have full control over. My client DOES have control over their domain registrar account.

What is the easiest way to transfer all of their DNS records to a new CF account? Can this be done without having any access to the existing CF account? What are the steps?

Do they need to open a paid CF account or would a free account suffice?

Not really - there’s no ‘directory listing’ in DNS so if you don’t know what they all are, you’d only be able to find out what they are with the existing account.

Depends if they’re using any paid features - since you said it’s a free account, free will work fine.

You’d just add it to a new Cloudflare account and change the nameservers as instructed.

Thanks for your reply.

!) So you are saying that there is no way to copy existing records from a CF account you don’t have access to, to a new CF account even if you have control over the domain registrar which is Network Solutions?

  1. I was told that the records could be imported as long as “proxied” is turned off on the old account.

  2. Alternatively, if we can get the agency to cooperate, can they export the DNS records so that we can easily import them to a new CF account?

Yes - the registrar isn’t managing DNS so you can take them out of the picture.

The record import just guesses hundreds of common record names.


Thank you!

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