CopyCat Websites from Cloudflare?

Greetings to all,

I am responsible of maintaining

I accidentally discovered 3 websites which have copied pasted my website’s content (template, images, certain pieces of text). What is more annoying is that the text in the copycats is not really the same: it’s different and in many cases it is actually offensive to my customer.

These sites are:

I run a whois (to for these sites and I saw that their NetName is of Cloudflare’s.
And this why I wrote this post here.

Does anyone have any idea what is going here?
Why do these sites exist? Why they have copied pasted my customer’s content, but text is changed and offensive in many cases? I tried to check if other of my websites have been copied like this and I wasn’t able to find anything else. Any advice of what I can do in order to undo this situation?

Many Thanks and Regards

Unfortunately this happens from time to time. Not only through Cloudflare.

Some do this to bother others, some others to inject further code to “their” site. May it be malicious or just a bunch of ads or phishing attempts. However this is not Cloudflare, it’s a “customer” with bad behaviour.

This is nothing the community can solve. I’d recommend to send an email to abuseATCloudflare(.)com

And there is too.

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Great, thank you very much, I will do it. I still don’t understand this though. I just found out by accident. I mean, they didn’t bother me with something like “pay us or i will make the text more offensive”. And the copy is so bad that there is no way that it will trick someone. And we don’t ask any kind of data from the visitors, so there is nothing to phish here.
Anyway, thanks again for your time.

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