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Quite a number of my emails are bouncing back. I was told by EasySpace that in order to correct the bounce back issue I will need to add an SPF record to the DNS . EasySpace have told me that Cloudflare hold the name servers and that to add the SPF record to the current DNS, Cloudlfare would need to add the record as follows: @ TXT “v=spf1 ~all”. EasySpace said they could do this themselves but they would need a copy of the DNS record from you. How do I get hold of this copy?

EasySpace can’t change anything on your account unless you grant them access to your account (do not share your password, ever – There are ways to grant another account access, but frankly, this is overkill).

I’m also not really sure what DNS record they want to see as DNS records are public and if they know the domain you are sending from they can see your SPF records.

This should be a quick change, do you know if you have any SPF records at this time? And/or if you are comfortable posting your domain I can check from here.

(To be clear, I am not a Cloudflare employee – I can check from here because SPF records must be public to work).

Sorry if I wasn’t clear - I don’t have a Cloudflare account. I have an account with EasySpace whom look after our domain name ( & email. I have approached Cloudflare as EasySpace keep telling me the delivery failure reports recipients are receiving is to do with Email Authentication and to help with this I can add the SPF record into my domain DNS. EasySpace told me to contact Cloudflare as they hold the domain on their name servers…?

I believe you just have to add the record yourself.
Just add it in the DNS settings.
You have an account , since you have Cloudflare as registar.

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Thank you, I didn’t realise this. How do I add it into the DNS Settings? How do I access the DNS Settings?

After you login to the account it’s in the menu.
If you don’t know your login , ask the ones managing your site. Someone has the login details.

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