Copy IP Access Rules from one account to another

Hello everybody!

I have a quick question. Is it possible to copy or transfer all firewall IP Access Rules from one account to another?

I want to create a separate account for one of my sites, but keep the same settings in cloudflare.
Right now I have 10 pages full of rules, copying everything manually does not seem like a viable idea.

There’s no internal method, but you can create a script using the API. My @MVP buddies might remember a script that can copy Cloudflare settings between zones.


There was one, I was looking a couple days ago and I couldn’t find it either.


:wave: @IMMKO,

Perhaps more trouble than its worth but there is a cf-terraforming module in github which can be used to export a current state file for a zone and you can then use terraform to apply to a new zone.

Might be a sledgehammer in this case but effective, if overkill.

— OG


Wow thanks @sdayman & @OliverGrant
Although I was looking for something quicker, it will be intresting using API or modifying the cf-terraforming module

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