Copy html without affecting the dashboard

hello everyone, I have a wordpress site and since Cloudflare does not copy the html I create a rule to copy everything* but when publishing on the wordpress dashboard nothing is updated etc how can I just copy the html of the input or copy the html generated by wprocket or just copy the cache etc folder in Cloudflare

I am sorry why do you want to copy something? What exactly is the usecase?

For questions regarding WP Rocket please ask their support, as not related to Cloudflare.

Well, I’ve seen that by removing the css, all the plugins convert the css to html, so copying that html to Cloudflare can make the response time much faster,

for example if you create a post and nobody has entered it you can get a timeout between 1 and 1.7 seconds on the first render then parse it again and this timeout disappears, it may be a plugin but I really think it’s the time it takes Cloudflare to copy from the server the files required in the first rendering

I have that understood, I accept a correction if I am wrong,
when I copy everything to Cloudflare I have a very good speed but my dashboard is a disaster

Thank you,

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