COPPA Compliance

Hi Cloudflare Community! I would like to ask, my domain, shows that there currently a tracker in my website. I wanted to ask if it is possible to remove it entirely.

I also currently working on a children-targeted website and I disable all analytics and tracking features on that site. I want to know if Cloudflare cookies are passive programs that collect IP addresses or assign cookies to users to track their movements on the site ? Since I currently developing the children-targeted site that COPPA requirement won’t apply since I do not collect children information.

I’m not seeing anything that could be considered a tracker, at least one the front page or a couple others I looked at. Where are you seeing this? Some kind of scanning tool I assume? What tool? Is it alerting on a specific page?

Are you certain your scanner was scanning the subdomain and not the apex domain? As you’re probably aware the apex domain does have a Google Analytics tag. Or perhaps the scanner followed a link from the subdomain to the apex domain, considering them part of the same site?

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