Cookies? Not sure what this page is or how I activated it

Here is the page:

How do I turn this setting off?

This does not look like any Cloudflare implementation I know of. Maybe a Cloudflare App which you can activate, but otherwise I would certainly say its something from one of your many Wordpress plugins.

Please change the category to something else, as not performance related.

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I can’t even access the site…

Using Web Sniffer to view the HTML source though, you’re using reCAPTCHA For All Pages, to Block Spam and Hackers Attack, Block Visitors from China – Simple reCAPTCHA Plugin – WordPress plugin | That modal isn’t coming from Cloudflare, and from what I can see in the HTML, may be from that WordPress plugin.

Ok…try again

I can access that page now, albeit with errors in Edge’s console. However, as I’d mentioned in my first reply, that cookie modal appears to be coming from a WordPress plugin you’ve got installed and isn’t from Cloudflare.

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