Cookies from stripe

I see my privacy badger extension blocks three cookies from which appear on every page of Cloudflare. Do these cookies record any user data?

I’ve never seen a Stripe cookie at

What’s one of the URLs you’re seeing this on?

They appear here for example as seen.

Ah, I do see several calls to from the dashboard. I wonder if that’s their payment processor.

To answer your question, I don’t know what data it’s tracking.

I think it is their payment processor. But it should perhaps only load on the checkout pages by design for privacy purposes?

The issue you are describing is an expected functionality from Radar, the shield of Stripe that fights fraud and other attacks towards vendors.

There has been criticism as it can be considered invasive. However, it helps vendors a lot. We only had one fraud attempt in our company; Stripe mitigated over $30k of fraudulent transactions in one night.
This would have kicked us from any other payment processor and led to many losses (time and development costs). Stripe not only stopped the attack but also allowed us to stay with them.

Okay. I have blocked the cookies either way due to privacy concerns. You can mark this as resolved.

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