Cookies expire much faster

I am on the free package right now while evaluating the service. if I need to upgrade for this to work I am willing. I have updated my DNS to run through cloudflare. I am not using any of the fancy stuff just the basics right now.

I set cookies on my site using VB.NET:

Response.Cookies(“ckusern”).Value = usern.Text
Response.Cookies(“ckusern”).Expires = DateTime.Now.AddDays(1)

They are set to last 1 day. But they seems to time out within 30mins or less. Is this a setting on cloudflare that I haven’t seen yet? I search the community but found lots of conflicting data.

If the expiry time is the same, they will expire at the same time. If it is not the same you need to debug why it isnt. It is very unlikely Cloudflare has anything to do with that.

Yeah I haven’t changed anything except:

  • put the site through cloudflare
  • pushed the site through HTTPS always (as required in the cloudflare setup)
  • pushed the site through www (as required in the cloudflare setup)

so if cloudflare isn’t to blame then it must be related to the other two although if the site is ALWAYS forced through both then the cookie is set on the same https/www as it is being read on so that shouldn’t affect it.

I’d start by debugging all the cookies and check what gets set and when they expire. That is a bit beyond the forum’s scope though.

ok thank you for your help. I really just wanted to make sure i hadnt missed something really obvious about cookies and it seems i didn’t so now i can dive into the actual cookie and see what is going on.

If you post the domain and the cookie in question, we could check it out. But Cloudflare doesnt really do anything with cookies, so that shouldnt be related to Cloudflare.

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