Convoluted DNS

Bridgewayhospice. net was built using VistaPrint several years ago. Cloudflare was set up as the DNS. GoDaddy is the domain registrar but only has a pointer back to cloudflare. Jul 11, the web manager click something in VistaPrint and it started a migration to Vista x WIX. The website went down on Sunday and am not sure how to get it back up. The name servers are maya and logan which appear correct and were set back in 2021.

Am I going to need to move all the DNS to WIX or GoDaddy so it can be managed better, make changes as needed, etc. The business owner with Bridgeway does not know what the login for the Cloudflare is, it was create by the person that originally set up their website in VistaPrint. Her logon does not work with Cloudflare. I am working with their IT support to try and get them back up.

Hi there @rehrlich,

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In order to move Nameservers away from Cloudflare, you do not need to have access to the Cloudflare account that controls the DNS configuration for said domain.

You simply need to have access to your Registrar account (Godaddy in this case), and change the nameservers accordingly:

Once the nameservers are moved away from Cloudflare, the zone will be automatically deactivated on our end:

I hope this information was useful, let us know if we can further assist you in this matter.