Convertkit integration

This is my first post… I’m using Convertkit to sing up users. They ask that I add three “A” records to my DNS records in the form “A” host = “www” and an IP address. I get an error 81054

I don’t understand how to resolve this from this link:

The Convertkit SAAS integrates signup with email verification and additional email interactions with clients. I’d welcome some insight how to integrate Convertkit, Cloudflare and WeWeb. Much thanks and gratitude!

Make sure you haven’t set a CNAME for www. You can have multiple A/AAAA records for the same hostname, but you can’t have a CNAME as well.

Thanks for your reply, but it brings up an issue with respect to WeWeb. WeWeb does not host root domains (like my site I need to host it as a subdomain - like - WeWeb wants to add security layers using the https:// protocol. That allows me to have a secure encrypted website

This is proxied (alliased?) in Cloudflare such that it all resolves to my WeWeb site whether the user types in: or

And (for my limited understanding of these things) for WeWeb to work the CNAME.DNS record is supposed to be www and the content is

I’m just following directions given in this video:

I don’t begin to understand this - above my pay grade. But I’m working on this from Converkit, Cloudflare and WeWeb help desks and maybe another resource Ray Deck with State Change Pro.

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