ConvertKit and Cloudflare not Verifying on Custom Domain


I have created three A records on cloudflare and connected the 3 IPV4 addresses from ConvertKit.
It has been over 24hrs now and the status is being verified.

I have also created a CNAME record, which I set the name is www and content to my domain name.

The 2 Cloudflare name servers are: and

Is there something, I may have missed whilst setting this up as I have looked through the other questions and it seems to worked for others.

ConvertKit’s systems may be scanning the individual DNS record(s), to check if things looks all right from their end.

If the Proxy status for the DNS record(s) have been set to Proxied (:orange:), all they’re able to find, will be Cloudflare IP addresses, and not actually their own.

If the “Name” field of that CNAME record contains “_domainkey”, you MUST set the Proxy status to Unproxied (:grey:) / DNS-only.

Going deeper than the above would require that you share:

  1. Your actual domain name.

  2. The DNS record(s) that ConvertKit has provided you with.

  3. Any error code(s)/message(s) that ConvertKit may be showing to you.

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I am chatting with someone on this link - Cloudflare and ConvertKit not Verifiying - #2 by sjr

Its still showing unverified from convertkit.

The site comes on live intermittently, if I refresh a couple of times, it errors out with:

‘The SSL certificate presented by the server did not pass validation’.

From cloudflare, I have set the SSL to stricts and the proxies are turned on.

Still stuck on this - any help you can provide will be super helpful.

Duplicate topics make it difficult for the Community to effectively assist. Since this topic is missing necessary details that are already present in the other topic, it is best to keep the whole conversation there.

It looks like @sjr has already addressed the certificate error in that topic, so we aren’t going to lose anything by closing this one.