Convert Subnet Mask to Individual IPs


I need to allowlist 2a06:98c0::/29 but my application won’t accept a /29 subnet mask. I believe it is only 6 IP addresses - can somebody tell me what they are so I can allowlist them individually?

Not really Cloudflare related :wink:

cidr converter - Brave Search

It is directly Cloudflare related - it is a Cloudflare IP range I am trying to allowlist. I have already been doing the search you suggested for ages - nothing gives me the simple info I need.

No, it simply happens to be a Cloudflare address, that’s it. CIDRs have nothing to do with Cloudflare.

The mentioned link provides you with the information you need.

It is an IPv6 address, so it is 2^99 IP addresses. You’ll need to use the subnet mask.

Otherwise you could list as 8 /32s as the other Cloudflare IP blocks…

It still is not Cloudflare related :wink:

And yes, that’s certainly not six addresses (which actually would be eight) but rather 633,825,300,114,114,700,748,351,602,688 addresses. Whether one wants to white-list them individually is a different topic :slight_smile:

So in short, use the CIDR. If that’s not possible, white-listing is not really feasible.

But again, not a Cloudflare topic I am afraid.

Thank you so much! That’s all I needed.

If you cannot configure a /29 CIDR, you can’t configure a /32 one either.

As mentioned, you need to use the given address here, you can’t feasibly configure that many individual addresses.

I have no idea why you are going out of your way to be as unhelpful as possible (and no, your link does NOT give me the info I need), but thankfully sjr has given me the simple answer I was looking for.

This forum is for Cloudflare related issues. You question was not Cloudflare related but about basic network configuration. This is not what the forum is for.

And yes, the link tells you exactly how to convert a CIDR, which is what you were asking

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